You may be wondering why there is a picture of a beautiful lush garden on our Water Conservation page. Many people have invested countless dollars in their existing landscapes, and they're afraid that they can't keep it.

Our goal is to reduce our clients' water usage by at least 25%. How do we do this?

First, we start with a water audit of the property. We measure how much water each zone is using per week, and if the water usage is excessive. We then adjust the sprinkler timer accordingly. We also check for and repair obvious things like broken heads, broken pipes, leaky valves, etc.

Next, we see what improvements can be made to the existing watering system. For instance, sometimes it's appropriate to convert existing sprinkler nozzles to low-flow  nozzles. Oftentimes you can get a rebate from your water company for these upgrades.

Another option is to install drip tubing wherever possible. By only putting water on the root ball of each plant, we can save a significant amount of water.

Finally, we often recommend a top dressing of mulch on the planter beds. This accomplishes three things:

1) It helps to hold the water in the soil and keep it from evaporating

2) It helps to keep weeds down

3) It hides any unsightly drip lines you may have

All of these factors add up to  help save a substantial amount of water, while allowing people to preserve and enjoy the landscapes that they've come to love.

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Water Conservation