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Landscaping Services:

Landscape Design

We specialize in landscaping in Malibu. First, we start with the terroir of the area: the soil type, the climate, the exposure to the sun, the pH of the soil, and the pH of the water. Then we consider the style of the home and what type of landscaping you want. All of this information is integrated into a landscape design that will reflect your taste and the terroir of your particular location. With over 15 years of sprinkler experience, we will also provide a first class sprinkler design. As a licensed landscape contractor, we are bonded and insured.

Water Features

Whether it's a stream, a pond, or a waterfall, everyone seems to love water features. The stunning visuals combined with the soothing sounds of flowing water provide a focal point for your landscape that is a real experience. If you're concerned about young children or pets, we offer pondless waterfalls.

Organic Vegetable Gardens and Orchards

Landscaping isn't limited to ornamentals. There is nothing like picking your own fruits, vegetables and herbs from your garden. Somehow they just taste better. Plus, you have the added pleasure of knowing they were raised organically. We will plant varieties that are suited to your area, and we can even treat pests and diseases organically.

Organic Landscape Maintenance

Landscaping your home is just the beginning. To protect your investment, we provide professional landscaping services with an organic approach. With an emphasis on detail and fine pruning, we specialize in maintaining large estates. 

Landscape Lighting

 Landscape lighting can give your water features and landscaping a whole new look at night. Since Malibu is so close to the ocean, aluminum fixtures deteriorate rapidly in this harsh environment. We only use quality fixtures made of copper and transformers housed in stainless steel.